Get Involved!

We appreciate your desire to participate in the SPRED ministry in Glasgow.

You can support us by:


  • As a SPRED helper
  • As a SPRED driver

Offering Financial Assistance

How You Can Help:

  1. We invite you to come and observe a SPRED session at the Training Centre. (see Observation dates). We will then offer Initial Training before being placed in a group.
  2. Contact us on 0141 770 5055 or . Commitment involves only 14 times a year going to a friend’s home to drive to SPRED and then after 2 hours bringing the person home. Safeguarding procedures are in place which means a police check.
  3. 200 club – Membership £6 a month or £65 a year. Contact us for further details.
  4. Friend of SPRED – family donation £15/personal £10 annually. An Annual Report is sent. To join call 0141 770 5055 or email
  5. If you shop on line you can secure funds for SPRED by registering with
  6. Making a donation by visiting our Virgin Money Giving page:

Your monetary gift secures the continuation of the SPRED ministry in Glasgow.

A copy of our Annual Report is available by clicking here.

We ask God to remember your kindness to SPRED and to bless you and your loved ones.

Funding Secures:

  • Maintenance of the SPRED Training Centre – a place of welcome to families, volunteers, priests, SPRED leaders from other diocese.
  • Administrative assistance to support SPRED staff as growth continues and more people find belonging in the Church.
  • Outreach Worker whose role is to help parishes develop new SPRED groups.
  • Provision of all SPRED materials.