About Us:

SPRED’s mission is to:

1) Provide friendship, catechesis and opportunities for people with learning disabilities to be fully included in the liturgical life of the parish.

2) Support parishes to implement the SPRED Method through training, mentoring, resources and provision of a vibrant Training, Observation and Resource Centre.

3) Ensure sustainability of SPRED itself through awareness-raising, fundraising and recruitment of new volunteers.

Who are we?

We are 27 SPRED groups situated in 22 parishes and supported by the Staff at the Training Centre.

There are 2 children’s groups, 2 teenage groups, 2 young adult groups and 21 adult groups.

Meet the Staff:

Lisbeth Raeside - SPRED Director

Mrs Patricia Scally - Secretary

20 Robroyston Road
Glasgow G33 1EQ
Tel: 0141 770 5055
EMail: glasgow.spred@btconnect.com

How to Find Us:

SPRED Board of Management:

The SPRED Board of Management exists to ensure the sustainability of SPRED through good governance. It meets four times a year and is accountable to the Archbishop through his representative on the Board.

According to the SPRED Constitution the Board members should consists of a Chairperson appointed by the Archbishop, the Archbishop’s representative, the SPRED Director and Assistant Director, 2 parents, 2 SPRED catechists, and a representative of the Notre Dame Provincial Team (as long as the Director is a Sister of Notre Dame).

At present the Chairperson of the Board is Mr Paolo Pacitti.

Click here to read the SPRED Pastoral/Business Plan